About Me

About me, I’m geeky and I have opinions, which are mine and only mine. You can have different opinions just don’t get mad and feel free to express yours 🙂

I’m known to be fun, caring and loving.

What else? oh, I’m a veteran I still have a piece of shrapnel in one of my bones, I lost my best friend during that life-changing event. No, I am not a pot-smoking drunkard jerk.

I think I am educated, 2 PhDs, 3 Masters, no am I not a university teacher – I would hate working with people who are so entitled you can’t try to have an honest discussion – I know I was married with one.

Do I know what I’m talking about? I was raised in Europe, lived 10 years in Africa, 5 years in the Middle East and 20 years in the Mid-West, I do think so but I continue to learn every day.

What else? I love cooking, I love learning and I love my wife.